• Beautiful Hawaiian Locals

    Beautiful Hawaiian Locals

    Went to Hawaii, and was very much enjoying the beautiful locals during my stay!

  • Parrotheads


    Doing what he does best - Speaking with the Parrotheads!

  • Attention all wildlife!

    Attention all wildlife!

    Shark riding 101 - Attention all wildlife, Firemedicbill on the loose!

About Firemedicbill

 I have been in Public servant for 30 years, raised in a Junkyard, fighting was part of a life style, I changed and became a dope smoking hippie, changed and became a minister. Divorced Father of two beautiful daughters and one handsome grandson. I fish and hunt, with Family and friends. Love to tell stories and share stories. My brother is the better story teller, my whole family has an ability to tell stories and make people laugh.  This idea was planted in my head while I was Traveling with a couple of friends from Venice Hospital to the beautiful country of Jamaica.  I got liqueried up at a local resort and was encouraged by the couple I was traveling with, Chuck and Lorraine to get on stage during a talent contest; well I got up on stage and won a bottle of wine.  I told some Viagra stories, got to dance with some local very pretty Jamaica women and had a wonderful time. After I got home, I went to the McCurdy’s comedy class and learned that comedy is like a teaching a class. Therefore, I am going to try to educate you in the class of laughing at ourselves and the situation, sometimes, that is all a Public servant has! Thanks for stopping in and Be Safe out there! Life is a wonderful thing! Share it with someone you love!

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Love Your Mother

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Love your Mother while she is with you, One day she will be gone, and My God will you miss her!   One Odd Horseshoe   Years ago, my brother Bobby was seriously… Full Story

Safety for Seniors

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E Book A Call for Help 911 The Other side

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Website Update!

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12-06-09   In case you didn't know, we are working with a new format, even I can use it, well, I can't use it well but I am learning! Which is hard for an old… Full Story