• Beautiful Hawaiian Locals

    Beautiful Hawaiian Locals

    Went to Hawaii, and was very much enjoying the beautiful locals during my stay!

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    Doing what he does best - Speaking with the Parrotheads!

  • Attention all wildlife!

    Attention all wildlife!

    Shark riding 101 - Attention all wildlife, Firemedicbill on the loose!

E Book A Call for Help 911 The Other side

Finally after years of putting it off I have finally published my first in a series of books. This one is based on true life expereinces of myself or friends in the field of Emergency Services. It is available on Amazon, and paperback copies are available from my website, if I can fiqure out how to use it! LOL For those out there that do not know a Public Servant, here is a chance to see what we really do, how it affects us, how we deal with it! It just might help you understand someone you love!


Here is a little introduction of this humble Public Servant.


My name is Bill Manning. I have been a Firefighter/ Paramedic for over thirty years in West Central Florida. In my stories, I hope to make you laugh, make you cry, for it is as raw as emotions can be. In sharing my experiences with others I hope and pray that it will give you some insight on just how hard, how difficult, and categorically different our jobs as Public servants really are from your job. I worked full time as a Firefighter , Paramedic, part time in the local Emergency room as a Paramedic on and off for numerous years. I have worked at a very busy Cardiologists office part time, so I can without a doubt say that I have literally been immersed in Emergency Services my entire adult life!


Without any real training I leaped into this career when I was 23 years old. My first call was a man almost burned to death in his car! I say leaped into this career due to the feeling like I was sometimes drowning in emergency calls. Emergency services both physically and emotionally is a lot like the deep end of a pool of water. One has to know how to swim or at least float until safety can be reached. You will not survive this line of work if you do not learn that lesson early in your career. I learned to swim when I had too, to float when I needed too and when to get out and watch it from shore when I absolutely had too to survive. Never really willing to step fully away, knowing I can and have made a difference in a stranger’s life. It becomes who you are, how you are defined to friends and family.


To me it is just my life, it becomes part of your family, goes on your vacations. Emergencies are always present and people like me will always help when they can. We know that with our jobs comes a tremendous amount of responsibility. In seconds we changes life’s, the things we do with little or no equipment but our hands, brains and experience can literally save a person, a loved one or even a total strangers life.


We act under the same Hippocratic Oath, of the Doctors we work with, “First do no harm”. Emergency workers throughout the world are a selfless, take charge, sacrificing people, man or woman, young or old. We all have a spirit of helping our fellow man! These are but a very small collection of emergency experiences I have either been on personally or someone I worked with relayed these events to me to help share the psychological burden of the experience or to share the laughter, in this world of EMS both are needed, one as much as the other.


I have seen anything and almost everything that came happen to the human body with my own eyes, felt the warmth of a persons blood as their life slipped away as I attempted unsuccessfully to stop the bleeding. I have listened to death bed confessions; I have carried the solemn message of a deceased loved one to the very loved one who is not aware of their passing away! I have started the process of mourning the loss of a family member countless times.


I have been truly baptized in fire literally engulfed in flames, unsure if I would survive to see my children or grandson again. Even worse than a literal fire storm, is the conflagration of emotions that can overwhelm you after a real life and death struggle to save someone you did not know!


Even after all of these years, I still am amazed at some of the experiences of my fellow workers and find new and different funny stories almost every week in the Fire Dept. where I still work. I always thought that only Firefighters, EMT’S, Paramedics, Cops, and Nurses enjoyed the stories that we tell among ourselves, I know now that is not true, wherever I travel anywhere different, meet someone new and end up telling them funny fire fighter stories, I make new friends. I really like that; it is a special part of me that I hope will live on after I am long gone through my written word.


   I have two of the most beautiful daughters that a Man can be blessed with. I have a grandson, who looks like me. I recently learned that I have another grandchild on the way, I am so happy for my daughter! My grandson Connor has the misfortune of looking like his grandpa, Poor Kid.


In watching him grow, I have learned why Grandparents love their children’s children! I love that boy! I tell him so every time I see him. In seeing the repeating demise of others, the remorse of things not said. I try to let them know I love them, often! My experiences with death have taught me the meaning of the saying, I love you. That’s why I always tell my family I love them, for I have learned there is no guarantee of tomorrow, nor guarantee of the next hour or even minute! For as it says in the bible, “Time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all”. Thanks for reading. Remember to be safe, the life you save may be yours! Wear your seat belts; trust me when I say, ‘That simple act can keep your face intact”!

If you like my  book please tell your friends! Thanks to all! Please be safe!

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